About us

DSI Datensicherheit GmbH (DSI Data Security, DSI-DS) is a SME located in Stuhr, Germany which provides Crypto electronics and TEMPEST certification Tests. The fields of activity are dedicated to the engineering and development of solutions for high-end Cryptography, information technologies, advanced communication systems and TEMPEST tests. DSI is specialized in designing digital systems, which provide significant resource requirement savings in terms of power consumption, mass and volume. At the same time, our integrated approach provides significant increases in processing power as well as in reliability due to the usage of the newest, qualified FPGAs and ASICs.

DSI provides: 

DSI-DS's Fields of Activity

DSI-DS posseses heritage in developing airborne and space-based designs since 1997 and currently employs engineers for electronics, software, project management and product assurance. Our end customers are for example ESA, DLR, Airbus Defence & Space, Thales Alenia Space and OHB in projects like KOMPSAT II, SAR-Lupe, SatcomBW, EuroHawk, GökTürk, Galileo, SARah, EDRS.

With more than 45 failure-free years in orbit, our equipment provides the appropriate reliability at a fair price. We design and develop your electronic equipment - either as a turn-key solution or using a cooperative development approach.